1994 //

In October of 1994, Pastor Dave Miller, Associate Pastor Sandi Grace
a team from Silver Lake Chapel, ventured to plant what was at
that time known as Word of Grace church. They pioneered and
pastored the church for 14 years.


2008 //

In the spring of 2008, Pastor Dave Miller was succeeded by Pastors Joseph
and Christy Fehlen. During this time, the name was changed from Word of
Grace to South Everett Foursquare (SE4).


2011 //

The Fehlen’s pastored the church until the Spring of 2011 and in June of 2011
Pastors Josh and Michelle Ferguson were installed. Josh and Michelle remained
the pastors of SE4 until December of 2014, when they moved on.


2014 //

While the church council searched out a next step for the church, Pastor Chris
Manginelli of Mill Creek Foursquare Church (MC4) offered to help the church
oversee this transition. As the help was accepted, MC4 sent Pastor Don Cain
to be the interim pastor for a period of six months. Along with him came a
team of people from Mill Creek. Over this period of six months, relationship
and trust was formed between the two churches and the SE4 church council
decided that the best option for the church moving forward was to become a
congregation of Mill Creek Foursquare Church.


2015 //

On September 27th, 2015, Pastors Ben and Alicia Ramos were installed as the
Lead Congregation pastors.  As this transition took place,  the church council
handed its responsibilities to the council of MC4 and the leadership team of SE4


The church now functions as a congregation of Mill Creek Foursquare Church; we are one church in multiple congregations. What this means is that although the church is self-sustaining, the congregations share the same mission and vision, when there are big decisions to be made, they are made through the Executive team of MC4, the pastors of each congregation visit each congregation, services look similar and there are a select few events throughout the year that allow the congregations to come together as one church.